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About Us

About SDRM Healing Arts Pvt. Ltd.

Pharma Wholesale Counter And Retail Mall

SDRM Healing Arts Pvt.Ltd Is A Concept In Which New Upcoming Rising Medical Field Is Going To Collabrate Homoeopathy And Ayurveda Under One Roof At Unique And First Time In Mall Concept-First Time In India.

It gives great pleasure to introduce you to SDRM HEALING ARTS PVT LTD. Team SDRM is fond of saying that, the company SDRM is built on three planks: Service, Commitment and technology. Team SDRM not only use the latest, most promising technologies, but also they are constantly encouraged to do different tactfully with new processes, even think new thoughts. TEAM SDRM is a young company, in attitude and commitment,dream big and are not afraid to try out even seemingly impossible ideas. TEAM SDRM belonging to the third millennium and are driven to make a mark in every field they enters in. Team SDRM sometimes impatient with themselves, but have no fear of failure, realise that some significant learning have come from failures, as it is said that set backs are the come backs, And they have become stepping stones to most significant successes.

TEAM SDRM want to drive the market – don't want to be driven by it. Our guiding principle is : change the market before it changes you. Our motto is “Destiny of Desire” by doing different tactfully to fulfil the customer’s need. TEAM SDRM Look forward to get a chance to prove IT’S worth.

SDRM HEALING ARTS PVT LTD is “Destiny of Desire”. Our Vision Statement stated as follows,
1. To be a premier, preeminent, world-class growing company.
2.Committed to provides innovative, Cost-effective, focused,diversified high-quality products & services to serve the NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL market.
3.Committed to create Associates, Controllers & investor value.
4.Committed to delight our customers in the rapidly changing Healing solutions, business-solutions, consumer-solutions.

1. SDRM to make “Destiny of Desire” according to all customers.
2. SDRM to build a strong and dedicated team of Business Controller & Business Associates all over India.
3. SDRM to Make functional to all Divisions, within next 3 years and revenue Target will be 200 Crore p.a. after functioning of all divisions.